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  • Conducted 1st Head Count of homeless in India

  • Initiated Night Reachout program for rescue

  • 1st to provide health clinic on the streets of Jamila Masjid 


  • Drafted PILs in the Supreme Court for the larger interest of the homeless 


  • 1st to provide exclusive shelter to women and children called ‘Anugriha’

  • Initiated winter campaign ‘Save Homeless Lives’ with Government partnership.


  • 1st to organize annual mass meetings of homeless for advocacy and empowerment called Maha Panchayats 

  • Introduced 1st ever Homeless Postal Service for homeless without address to communicate- called Beghar Sandesh

  • Started 24*7 Shelter facility with activity centers across Delhi 

  •  Created the first Model Shelters across Delhi


  • Enabled Voting Rights to homeless people for the first time in India 

Group of homeless holding voters ID on one hand and voting ink on another hand
  • Enrolled homeless children in mainstream education. 

  • Conducted 1st headcount of homeless Women in Delhi.

  • Inclusion of ‘Shelter’ in Master Plan after submission of petition of 6000 homeless in DDA



  • Managed Comprehensive Open shelter Crisis Centre in one campus for Homeless and Destitute men, children women, single mothers, elderly, HIV patients, T.B. patients, Drug Addicts and mentally ill.

  • First time screening of Homeless people for symptoms and treatment of ‘Leprosy’ in partnership with National Leprosy Eradication Mission, India.


  •  1st ATM card banking facility for the homeless in India.

  •  Initiated bi-weekly Mental Health Clinic on streets 

  • Filed Civil Writ Petition in High Court, Delhi and Supreme Court on U.I.D.Bs and opening of New Shelters for Homeless.


  • AAA work recognized by the Supreme and High Courts of India, and orders were passed to replicate our model shelters across the country


  •  Assisted Directorate of Census for enumerating Homeless in the Census 2011

  • Introduced a training wing for fellow organizations in the homelessness working sector 


  • Contributed in the efforts towards decriminalization of Beggary in Delhi High Court

  • facilitated Reform process incl. free legal aid at certified Beggar Custodial Institutions.


  • Regular Capacity building training programs to foster financial independence to the homeless

  • Working with youth through formal education and trainings to eradicate homelessness among them 


  • Proactive covid response for the migrants and rising homeless people on the streets

Two Aashray adhikar abhiyan workers talking to homeless man
A female homeless resident standing in front of anugruha
A female doctor is checking homeless man's hand