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COVID Response

Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan- The Frontline of Covid 

Meals distributed:

Globally, 130 million fell into ‘food insecurity’ above the existing 820 million people. WORD

We have been distributing meals everyday to the homeless, destitute and labouring poor on the streets of Delhi.

Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan worker giving food to homeless man

Cooked Meals:


Dry ration distribution: 

The ‘hunger pandemic’ left many poor with empty kitchens and the homeless with empty stomachs. We distribute monthly dry ration to the families living in temporary houses and the homeless families on the streets in self-made tents.

Homeless people standing and carrying ration kits

Ration Kits:


Homeless vaccinated: 

Vaccination requires ID cards, which requires a documented identity- something that is still missing for the homeless in India. Therefore, we ran the #RightToVaccine Camp for the homeless to assist and facilitate vaccination procedure. 

women getting vaccination



Hygiene Kit:

Masks, sanitizers and soaps are distributed to the homeless on the streets who are denied access to public spaces due to lack of masks. The kit is routinely provided with awareness camps for the protection of the community. 

AAA social workers giving hygiene kit to a rickshaw puller

Hygiene Kits:


Migrants aided with travel to home: 

Assistance was provided to the urban poor migrants who upon losing their livelihoods had no resources to return home. We supported them with free travel,

food and family reintegration of lost family members during the first wave.

migrants standing in a line to go home. They are holding their bags

Travel aid to


AAA team group photo

Protection to Frontline Workers:

We are committed to ensuring protection to our courageous frontline workers by providing them free health insurances, vaccination and frequent immunity shots for a safe and sustainable covid intervention.

Protection to


24*7 Helpline Service

We provide on-call assistance for medical emergencies, ambulance service, medical consultation and tele-counselling. The service was run 24*7 and has been always available especially for the marginalized groups in need of aid. Further, the helpline is also used to coordinate and share resources as requested. 

AAA wearing PPE kit and standing with hands joint
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