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Little Boy Standing Portrait


We offer multiple opportunities for the youth to get involved in field action and gain grassroot experience in the following areas: 

  • Social Care Worker

  • Case Study Associate

  • Research Associate

  • Fundraising Associate

  • Social Media Associate

  • Teaching and Mentorship

  • Designer/ Photographer

  • Content Writer

  • Any other based on specialization

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Our shelter residents and students love participating in interactive workshops that are educational and fun.

So, if you’re an expert/facilitator, reach out to us!
We organize workshops on the following themes:

  • Computers

  • Vocational 

  • Psychological aid 

  • Legal aid 

  • Sports and Yoga

  • Disaster/ Crisis Management

  • Educational

  • Awareness

  • Sensitization

  • Health

  • Substance Use

  • Creative Arts

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Two aashray adhikar abhiyan workers talking to a homeless man


We provide capacity building training to three groups-

  • To employees: for the upliftment of their emotional skills and technical skills

  • To homeless and labouring poor: skill based trainings to promote financial independence

  • To students: Social-Emotional Learning Training for holistic development

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