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Three men warming their hands in front of a bonfire on the roadside

2009- 2014

Independent Appeal:

The people for whom identity cards are a precious gift

A scheme which gives the homeless an address and a bank account is transforming the lives of some of India's dispossessed. Andrew Buncombe reports from Delhi

For homeless people voting a new experience

With no proof of residence and no age-certificate, the majority of homeless people could not hope to get a voter's card. But the NGO fought for their right and this time they finally won.

AAA in Delhi-

a positive story

Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan is an organisation run by 34 year old Sanjay Kumar for homeless men and boys in Delhi. The city has a huge homeless problem, seen every day by us as we walk past men and women sleeping on the streets, under trees and very often in the centre isle of a road – anywhere they can lay their heads.

ID card issued by a Delhi based NGO, recognised by the poll panel

A man keeping his finger on biometric

Cards on the table:

Biometric technology is being used to help thousands of homeless people in Delhi prove their identity and so save
in bank accounts, avoid unscrupulous moneylenders and send vital funds back to their villages.
By Ciara Leeming

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Where Have The Beggars In Delhi Gone?

New Delhi, Oct 3 : Beggars in the national capital have done the vanishing act! Almost all roads and temples complexes are now looking beggar-free and hawkers selling balloons, magazines, pens and cheap accessories at .....

A man keeping his finger on Biometric

Delhi's Anti-Beggar Drive Faces Practical Problem

Amidst ongoing efforts by authorities to make the national capital beggar-free before the Commonwealth Games, social activists say the drive faces a practical problem.......

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